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Daily Breakfast & Lunch

Most of our menu can be made gluten-free; ask your server to substitute house-made GF bread, GF corn English muffin, brown rice tortillas or a GF/VGN bun - $2

Our multigrain bread and buns are handmade twice daily from scratch.


Served with rosemary home fries, a meadow side salad & our homemade multi-grain toast.

Glen Valley Breakfast - $14
Two farm fresh eggs any style

Salt Spring Frittata - $16
Spinach, caramelized onions, cherry tomatoes and goat feta*

Roasted Fennel Tofu Scramble (VGN) - $16
Scrambled tofu with roasted fennel, shallot and hearty greens, served with fresh salsa & vegan cilantro cream

L'Omelette Bar
Create your own three-egg and Cheddar omelette - $14
Add: spinach, caramelized onion, mixed mushrooms, cherry tomato, fresh salsa, spinach pesto - $1
Brie*, goat feta*, avocado - $2
Artisan bacon* or ham* - $3

Green Eggs & Ham - $17
Two farm fresh eggs scrambled with our spinach pesto, hearty greens, caramelized onion and Cheddar cheese, served with your choice of nitrate-free artisan bacon*, ham* or back bacon*



Spanish Banks Burrito - $14
Two scrambled farm fresh eggs, baby spinach and aged white Cheddar wrapped in a toasted roma tomato tortilla*, served with fresh salsa, a meadow side salad and rosemary home fries

Aphrodite's Stuffed French Toast - $15
Our hand-cut homemade bread stuffed with seasonal fruit quark, served with fresh fruit, raspberry coulis and chantilly cream

Ham & Egger - $17
A over easy farm fresh egg, artisan ham*, aged white Cheddar, spinach pesto and garlic aioli on our homemade bun, served with rosemary home fries and meadow side salad

Harvest Vegetarian Chili (VGN) -  $16 / Half order - $12
Seasonal vegetables and four types of beans simmered in our rich tomato sauce, served with homemade multigrain bread and a meadow side salad

Mac n' Cheeze (GF/VGN) - $18 / Half order - $13
Brown rice penne tossed in our cashew-miso herb cream


Served with a meadow side salad

Brie Melt - $14
Fresh basil, roma tomato and Golden Ear’s brie* melted on our hand cut multigrain bread

Bacon, Tomato & Arugula Sandwich - $16
Local, nitrate-free artisan bacon*, fresh roma tomatoes, baby arugula and garlic aioli on hand cut multigrain bread

Salmon Salad Sandwich - $17
Homemade wild Sockeye salmon salad with garlic aioli, fresh dill, capers*, celery and red onion on our hand cut multigrain bread

Apple & Cheddar Sandwich - $15
Tangy apple and white Cheddar slices with roasted garlic hummus and greens on our hand cut multigrain bread

Chicken and Shiitake Quesadilla - $16
Grilled chicken breast, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, avocado, fresh basil and aged white Cheddar folded in a whole wheat tortilla*, served with fresh salsa and sour cream

Salmon Burger - $18
Wild, line-caught Sockeye salmon filet with spinach pesto, garlic aioli, roma tomato and pickled red onion on our home-made multigrain bun

Veggie Burger - $18
Pan-fried homemade veggie patty on our multigrain bun with roasted garlic aioli, mixed greens, roma tomato and pickled red onion relish. Served with rosemary home fries and a meadow side salad. Sub aioli with cilantro cream to make it vegan.


Served with a meadow side salad

Spinach Feta Pot Pie - $14
Organic spinach, kale and sweet peas with feta, dill and potatoes in our famous pie crust 

Turkey Pot Pie - $15
Local free-range turkey, seasonal vegetables and herbs in our famous pie crust

Wild Mushroom Quiche - $14
Scrumptious BC shiitake mushrooms, Gruyere and spinach baked to perfection in our famous pie crust

Ham and Emmental Quiche - $15
Local nitrate-free artisan ham, emmental, capers, roasted tomato herbs and Dijon blended with eggs and cream and baked in our famous pie crust

Tourtiere - $17
French Canadian style meat pie made with local pastured lean ground pork, crimini mushrooms, fresh sage and thyme, with a hint of cinnamon and clove, and baked in our famous pie crust


Caramelized Leek & Red Lentil House Soup (VG) - $8.50 bowl / $5.50 cup
served with fresh homemade bread

Soup of the Day -  $9 bowl / $6 cup
served with fresh homemade bread

Field of Greens (VGN) - $15
Baby organic greens, seasonal vegetables, toasted seeds, chick peas and house dressing

Spinach, Apple & Pecan Salad (GF) - $16
Organic baby spinach, sliced apple and toasted pecans topped with homemade yogurt dill dressing, goat feta and pickled onion

Buddha Bowl - $17
Quinoa, roasted garlic hummus, avocado, leafy greens, shredded cabbage, carrots and beets, topped with toasted pumpkin seeds and fresh pea sprouts

Meadow Side Salad (VG) - $8
Baby organic greens, seasonal vegetables, sprouts, toasted pumpkin seeds and house dressing


Grilled chicken breast, Ocean Wise Sockeye salmon fillet - $7
Artisan bacon, back bacon, ham, Oyama sausage, tofurkey, maple tempeh or smoked tofu - $4.50
Cheddar, Brie*, cow feta*, goat feta*, sauteed mushrooms, avocado or home fries - $4
Housemade signature sauces: fresh salsa, spinach pesto, garlic aioli, roasted garlic hummus, vegan cilantro cream - $2

* indicates ingredients that are not certified organic

We reserve the right to include a gratuity of 18% to parties of 8 or more